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Dec. 2nd, 2007 | 05:01 am
posted by: mamachop in wpg_videogames

Okay.. okay so I admit i'm behind in the times lately with new games and all. But i'm a huge fan of the whole Fallout series. (with the exception of the released title on the xbox having never played it.) And so I, like so many others have been awaiting the release of Fallout 3.


Now this being said, I can't determine from all the hype if this will only be an xbox 360 release or also on the PC. Generally speaking they release on both-no? Either way I may end up having to upgrade, I am disappointed though that they're switching to a first person shooter perspective ala Elder Scrolls. As cool as they are, I think in some ways it'll take away from the feel of the Fallout series but add in other ways. I was amazed with the Call of Cthulhu game and the end result there so who knows, it looks damned gorgeous to look at and the fact its located in Washington DC. Nice to see they had a change of coast line, I really like following the storyline and finding out the state of the various places after the nukes. Too bad they don't find a European vault to play with.

Anyone else psyched about this game or am I alone in this fanboy love?

EDIT-I'm such an idiot, I re-read all the features of the game and you can switch back and forth. How DAMN awesome is that?!?! And you can pause in the middle of a fight to target specific areas to plug rounds into. SWEET!

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