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Feb. 7th, 2008 | 06:45 pm
mood: complacentcomplacent
posted by: mamachop in wpg_videogames

 Alright, trying to revive this damned community.  Let's talk Emus..  Which ones are you using and what are you playing the most?

Currently i'm addicted, mostly due to my daughter playing the cartridge version.  GBA emulator, More Friends of Mineral Town.  She's playing Friends of Mineral Town and now i'm hooked on this farming sim.  Dammit.  That and one of the Castlevania titles, I have been missing out on these.  Holy, they changed ALOT since the old NES version titles.  I mean its still alot like the original, in the same sense the Zelda series is still true to its roots but I like the updates.  

Also, please please tell me if anyone actually enjoys the GBA Kingdom Hearts game.  Honestly, I find it incredibly frustrating and annoying.

OR just post any secrets/quirks with your FOMT game.  I got to level 9 in the Winter Mine with the pond level, but mysteriously I cannot find the stairs to go any lower.  I'm half wondering if its the ROM i'm using.  

Also.  What new titles are you excited about?

Anyone playing any new PS3 or Xbox 360 titles?  IF so please do a review.
Plus.  Anyone seen anything on the new PSP 2?
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